Full moon ceremony 2023

£11 each on the dates and time below

Riverside Garden Park, Horley RH6 7LN
Bring something to lie on and something warm to cover yourself

Buck Moon- Sunday 2nd July @ 6pm
Fullest potency 3rd July 

Sturgeon Moon – Sunday 30th July@ 6pm
Fullest potency 1st August

There is something very special about seeing the moon, especially when it is beautiful bright and beaming it’s face…. Lighting up our planet. The moon controls the tides, two thirds of our planet is covered by ocean. Us humans are about 60% water so it makes sense that it affects our emotions.

It can create emotional intensity and can play havoc with our sleep!

Most women are more in tune with their emotions however we benefit fruitfully by sharing our emotions during this time of the month. This union is intended for women but men are welcome to join as long as they are in tune with their feminine side, of course we all have a masculine and feminine side with hormones generally picking a side, often out of our control!

This is a safe space to share our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We keep everything confidential in this space and we bring our open selves, allowing and accepting that is ok to be vulnerable. We are all human and we are all doing the best we can.  Connecting with the phases of the Moon which taps into our deep desire to be in tune with nature.  Whatever happens in the world of trends, we’re all in favour of working with nature’s rhythms. 

The moon’s energy is potent for 3 days/nights before and 3 days/ nights after.

So if you would like to join our sisterhood of goddessness then sign up by clicking this link:

Smiles and Sparkles